About the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project

The Project consists of a large community beach cleanup, twice a year (spring and fall), in Shonan  and an aperitif buffet after-party to encourage networking after the cleanup.

The goal is to do good, feel good in a fun, meaningful and tangible activity that allows expats and locals to build connections while giving back to society.

Volunteers donate their time, energy and expertise.

Corporate sponsors donate their goods, services,  staff and some financial support.

Local NPOs, especially Kanagawa Prefectural Coastal Clean-up Foundation and Japan Environmental Action Network, work with the Project to ensure that the clean-up and data collection  go smoothly. All beach debris collected is sorted and recorded for national and international research on  the state of the world’s coastal areas.

Inspiration is provided by Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Day and the Mediterranean Basin’s International Coast Day.

Soleil Provence is the lead coordinating organization for the Project.

Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project
4-16-31 Kugenuma Matsugaoka
Fujisawa, Kanagawa

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